Who is Destination Boss?

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I'm Pavaune. A while ago, I realized that I was sick of working for the powers that be! Every short lunch and sleepless night was getting me no closer to making MY dreams a reality. I was over that life. I feel like you probably are too.

So I went and figured out what it takes to learn the world of private label and online retail quickly and skillfully. I'll be honest. I don't have some magic formula to teach you, and if you're in the market for that, you might be in the wrong place. What I will teach you are the exact steps to working smarter every step of the way, so that every move you make gets you closer to your goals - whatever they may be! I'm not gonna lie. It's going to take some serious dedication on your part to get there. But rest assured, once you're there, it's going to be an absolute dream. Honestly.

I created Destination Boss because you deserve to lead the direction that your life and your career are headed.
Simply put: you deserve to be the boss.